Puha Shop offers products for men and women made by over 50 different young designers! The products vary from clothes to accessories, books, bags and jewellery. The designers create their collections mainly in the Netherlands, some are even based in Utrecht and next to that we sometimes welcome designers from neighbouring countries.

Come and visit us at the Voorstraat in Utrecht!

Carmen Kloosterhuis visits the designers in their ateliers to get to know them better and share their stories with you on this page. Click the name of a designer on the right to read their story!

delikatessen en Danielle Vroemen

To give you an idea of what we have to offer in the shop in Utrecht:

Delikatessen is a brand for the well dressing man. He uses the finest fabrics to create subtle or extravagant shirts, trousers and jackets. He plays with the cuts and seams to create unique pieces.

The jewellery of Danielle Vroemen are inspired by geometrical figures and futuristic imageries, which results in time-less pieces in the typical minimalistic style.

Ellen Benders shows a variety of comfortable dresses with a classic but also casual style.

Eva Schreuder designs very fine poetic jewellery. Her rings, necklaces and earrings are subtle, clasic and playful.

Fenny Faber designed a chic collection with chic fabrics and comfortable jerseys. The items are minimalistic and geomatricly detailed.

Granny's Finest is a little knitwear label that started in Rotterdam. Scarfs, hats and mittens knitted bij local grandma's and designed by young designers. They are now also knitting in Utrecht!

StudioRuig for example has a strong new collection. Every piece has its own extraordinary forms. Asymetric lines are stitched in the paterns of the jackets, legwear, dresses, shirts and blouses which are made from (a.o.) silk, wool, cotton and soft leather.

Studio Jux is as fair and eco as always but the designs are again very surprising and wearable for man and women. The male collection is rich with jackets, vests and shirts. The colberts and pantalons are again a succes with their nice cut and materials.


Clothes by Iva Jankovic, Manon Boertien, Marlou Verheijden, Nieuwe Meuk, Sanne van der Wal.

Bags by Mees, ZAND erover, Dora Kloppenburg, Renske Versluijs.

Jewelry by Maja Lava, Charlotte Wooning, Juffrouw Dubois, Dora, Jenna Postma, Mianne de Vries, Eva Schreuder.

Knitwear by Winter in Holland.

Furniture by Stephan Siepermann and Jenna Postma.

There is off course much more to find in Puha!

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